Tuesday, June 15

The Center

darkened by time
and neglect
the edges are
murky, dingy,

the center where
many hands have
touched, wiped,
polished with each
entry into the


the margins long
for a loving touch
a beautiful caress
being seen as the
filigree that
swoops and swirls
reaching for
the center
always held
back by the
of the door of


you are seen.

wind whistles
through the keyhole
calling the center
to reach outward
gathering the
beloved in her
arms and opening

Not to enter.

To exit.

Image by Christine Valters Paintner of Abbey of the Arts

In response to a Poetry Party writing prompt:

"This photo is of one of the doors to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I love this found mandala, because for me, I could see the clear boundary of the center where the knocker for the door was and where you request entry to the inner sanctum, and then the extension outward from there of the design which had a reaching quality to me and sense of how our service to others extends out into the world. We are called to dance on life's edges, stretching the boundaries and horizon. I felt the beautiful tension between the center and the edges and how we are called to both – each one nourishes the other.

I invite you to ponder this image and see what it evokes in your heart. Let that be a starting point for your poem writing. Then scroll down to the comments section and share it here with our Abbey community."


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