Thursday, June 24

TGIF: Technology Can Be Bliss

Today as I checked my registration for spring quarter and paid my tuition, I was suddenly reminded of what that processed looked like for me the first time around at this higher education thing.  Registration was a bubble sheet (looked a bit like what you see when you vote by mail).  Because I was on scholarship, I had to submit it early and take it to the registrar's office by hand.  Then pay my tuition which I had to do at the bursar's office, again because of the scholarship.  Then if I needed to drop or add a class, chaos.  Drop and add was a large room with a bunch of tables with students running around shouting like on the floor of the stock market.  Now, all is blissfully done with a few clicks on my keyboard in the comfort and silence of my home.  It's so easy that I had completely forgotten the "old" way.  I am grateful to have a "new" way now.

"The best thing college ever did for me was to teach me how to think!"


Photo by Chrysty Hendrick ©2014
Photo by Chrysty Hendrick ©2014

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