Saturday, July 24

TGIF: Seattle Spring

As May begins I realize that this is my 12th spring as a northwesterner.  I'm hooked.  Spring is magic here.  Yesterday was the first day the temperature actually got to hot for the year.  The sun is shining and bugs are out and every window and door is open wide to catch the breeze.  Having grown up in Alabama, spring here always surprises me.  After months of grey bleakness, sun rays and warm breezes make me want to stand outside and absorb as much of life as I can.  I really feel alive.  I guess this rolling stone has finally grown some moss.  Not in the South where I expected, but here in Seattle where spring gives new meaning to the concept of resurrection to me every year.

"There is no death, only a change of worlds." - Chief Seattle

Non-rolling stone complete with moss
Non-rolling stone complete with moss

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