Sunday, August 1

TGIF: Remembering to be Grateful

A post on Facebook from a friend, Crystal Zerfoss, reminded me how important it is to be grateful for all things.

As our Denver to Seattle flight was about to land, (literally we were mere moments away from the landing gear touching the tarmac,) the pilots quickly began ascending at a steep angle. As we made the wide circle around to get back in line to attempt another landing, someone came over the pa system to inform the passengers that the plane which had landed right before us had not cleared the runway and that is why we did not land.

At first I thought, better safe than sorry. Then, I began thinking about how grateful I am for the keen awareness of the flight crew and the airport operators who made that basically split-second decision and maintained the safety of hundreds of people who had entrusted them with their lives. This spiraled into growing gratefulness for all the people who keep the airports running from baggage handlers to ticket agents to trash collectors, food vendors, service workers, administrators, etc. So many people working in different capacities in order for this entire system to function.

Reminds me of the nurses, doctors, family liaisons, social workers, maintenance workers, security officers, cafeteria crew, and chaplains (of course) with whom I worked at Harborview this summer and how beautiful it is for so many people to serve in so many varied ways. All of these people joining together to care for people who are sick, injured, recovering, dying...

There's the adage that LOVE makes the world go 'round. It does. It truly does.

We share LOVE when we serve one another.
We embody LOVE when we care about one another.
We are LOVE in the world.

May we share LOVE in all that we do.

-Crystal Zerfoss, Seminarian

Photo by Terri Stewart

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