Monday, August 2

TGIF: Practicing Gratitude

The other day, I ran across the below quote on a different photo. One that had clearly been lifted from a movie. It was so cute! I wanted to share it but in a legal way. So I recreated it with a photo from the Creative Commons pool at Creative Commons is a way of sharing your work and controlling the amount of sharing. You can designate your items as "share alike" which is wide open to controlling things like commercial use, derivative use (making something new from the item, like below), creator attribution, things like that.

I think it is right and proper to follow the creator's wishes and where no wishes are stated, admire their work and let it go! I am very grateful to Creative Commons for creating a way for people to share their work. I am inspired every time I go browsing around in that pool of talent at flickr. And this sharing is highly counter cultural! It is not taking without asking. It is not paying a third party for access. It is an open giving. Someone offers the gift of their work without ever knowing if it will be accepted. That is grace!

I am grateful for creative commons for making my work possible. 

What are you grateful for today?

Extreme Piglet


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