Tuesday, June 15

TGIF: Moments of Beauty

This week the grey and rain Seattle is known for rolled in for the season and I had to be at the hospital for a 5 hour medical test.  As I woke up 2 hours earlier than normal and drove my car through the rain to yet another hospital, I began my own private pity party for myself.  Yet, when I got to the check-in station, the reception person was wonderfully kind when I realized I had left my wallet at home.  My tests had me waiting in a room next to the chapel so I was blessed to see a young girl of about 10 write her prayers on the slips provided and leave them in the basket on the altar.  She had a beautiful serene smile on her face even though she was waiting for her sibling to come out of emergency treatment.  And then as I left I was greeted with the most amazing fall display of maple leaves and mosses that was such a gift of the natural area of Seattle.  I am grateful for these moments of beauty that adjusted my internal attitude and reminding me to be grateful.

"Your attitudes are slowly shaping you at all times and calling your deepest truths to the surface of your reality."

--Bryant McGill



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