Thursday, June 24

TGIF: Love in Pieces

Today is an even more existential day than usual for me.  I've just read a book for class called Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos.  It's about a great many things around brokenness and love.  We are all broken, imperfect, unfit in ways but that does not stop love.  Love happens in our lives and pain follows.  Yet love keeps showing up in our fragmented souls and connects us in new and unexpected ways.  Today I am grateful that love never gave up on me, shattered in pieces though I am.  Love takes those pieces arranges them again and something new, joyous and beautiful is born out the detritus of pain and suffering.

"We can never stop carrying the heavy weight of love on this pilgrimage; we can only transfigure what we carry.

We can only shatter it and send it whirling into the world so that it can take shape in some new way."  --Stephanie Kallos

©2014 Chrysty Hendrick
©2014 Chrysty Hendrick

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