Saturday, June 19

TGIF: Knitting Away the Pain

Physical pain.  Not something I (or many others of you) enjoy but it is a part of my life recently.  Unfortunately for me I can take Tylenol or opiates but I am allergic to all pain medications in-between.  So I have learned a few creative ways of dealing with pain.  This week that's been knitting.  I have knitted a few projects in my life but I never really got the hang of the "right" way to knit.  So I only knit rectangles and I only used the knit stitch.  This week I decided to really learn to knit.  Actually throw the yarn in the right directions and pull and push it so that my stitches don't twist and I can make something that resembles a pattern.  This means I have to concentrate on my needles, hands, and yarn fairly intensely.  With that much of my attention going to my physical project, I have little left to focus on the pain. It's not perfect, yet I find a kind of beauty in knitting my pain into each stitch through my hands and out of my body.  Call me a mystic, but hey... if it works, I'm game!  (Stay tuned for successful images of this... I have not actually achieved a successful finished pattern project yet.)

"In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul."  --Anonymous 

Blues in the Evening:  A finished whatsit!
Blues in the Evening: A finished whatsit!


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