Monday, July 26

TGIF: Home Sweet Home

It's been a long tough quarter and I am needing to recoup some energy and enthusiasm.  So, in true introvert form, today I hibernated.  Yes, I know spring is finally here but spring has found me before I found it.  I really need days like this one to stay sane.  Therefore today my gratitude overflows for my home.  My place of relative safety, acceptance, quiet, and love.  What more can I say?  Home is home and I am grateful.

"There's no place like home." - Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

My Favorite Chair @2014 Chrysty Hendrick
@2014 Chrysty Hendrick


  • **** YES! YES! YES! **** A billion times yes … The older I get — I’m a couple of weeks away from turning 65 & have been retired for about 5 years — the more I love being home. My wife & I love to travel. We spend 2 weeks in Hawaii (where my wife was born & raised) and 2 weeks in Europe every year. It’s great & woudn’t NOT do it for the world. But … it’s ALWAYS good to come home.

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