Friday, June 18

TGIF-Gratitude Friday

Today I am grateful for rest. How do you find deep rest in your life?

at rest
at rest

A prayer from Desmond Tutu's, An African Prayer Book

My Joys Mount as Do the Birds

Lord, my joys mount as do the birds, heavenward,
The night has taken wings and I rejoice in the light.
What a day, Lord!
What a day!
Your sun has burned away the dew from the grass and from our hearts.
What erupts from us,
What encircles us this morning,
is thanksgiving.

Lord, we thank you for all and everything.
Lord, I thank you for what I am,
for my body tall and broad,
despite the meager meals at school,
and although Father has no work.
This body grows and grows even with malaria in my blood.

Lord, I also thank you for this job [on the railway], which I found during my holidays.
I make good money;
the money for school lies already in Father's trunk.
You can let me advance far,
but I know I can never outdo your trees.

Lord, I am happy this morning.
Birds and angels sing and I am exultant.
The universe and our hearts are open to your grace,
I feel my body and give thanks.
The sun burns my skin and I thank you.
The breakers are rolling toward the seashore
the sea foam splashes our house.
I give thanks.

Lord, I rejoice in your creation,
and that you are behind it, and before,
and next to it, and above-and within us

Lord, your sun is balmy,
it caresses the grass and the cassava out of the clay,
tops it with flowers,
draws out the mahogany,
throws birds into the sky,
and out of us it drums a song of praise for you.

~Traditional prayer from Ghana

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