Friday, June 18

TGIF: Gratitude for Silence's Gifts

It's my summer vacation.  I get 7 whole weeks without school work to do.  I decided to begin my time off this year with an Ignatian Silent Retreat.  (If you aren't familiar with what an Ignatian Retreat is, check it out.  You might like it)  The best thing about this retreat is that I get to spend about 48 hours without speaking to almost everyone!  It's a wonderful feeling of freedom for me and I usually come away with something my soul needed.  This time the gifts of silence were freedom, joy, and beauty.  I won't bore you with how these relate to my life in detail, but I will share one avenue of exploration from this weekend.  The cabin below made me think on this question all weekend.  What is it in my life that is no longer being used but provides a foundation for growth like the moss and ferns on the roof? I am grateful the pondering led me to freedom, joy, and beauty.  Have you been intentionally silent?  What gifts does silence bring you?

"Silence is the perfectest herald of joy: I were but little happy, if I could say how much." --Shakespeare

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