Thursday, August 5

TGIF: Gratitude for My Life

I’m writing this post on Thanksgiving having just eaten a taste explosion dinner at some good friends’ house. This year has had several struggles that have weighed me down and recently my health has gotten so bad my friends started calling me Job. And it is hard to live in my body with it’s disabilities and limitations. But I do not feel like Job. So this post is a little different from my usual TGIFs. I want to use this opportunity to thank the ones in my life who are so unlike Job’s friends.

I am grateful for…
My husband who stands by me, stands with me, and stands before me with more love than I could ever earn.
My sister who is, as I type this, fighting for our country half a world away from her family sharing Thanksgiving with her fellow soldiers instead of family.
My sister who is bravely raising three girls as a single mom away from the rest of her family.
My father who is the full time caretaker of my mother as she fades away from all of us.
My mother who taught me the value of gratitude and generosity by the example of her life.
My extended family, particularly for some who have walked the road of this year with me.
My sister through life, if not through blood, who takes me as I am and loves me anyway.
My prayer group who has been with me through thick and thin for the past decade.
My circle group who gives me the gift of holy listening each month.
My school community who walk with me as we face the challenges of faith that theology school produces.
My blogging community here at BeguineAgain who give me a chance to share my voice and all of you who listen.
My Facebook community, ones who listen to the bits and pieces of my life and share their own across many miles and times zones.
Finally for my God, the ground of being, the source of my gratitude, and the mystery I cannot understand.
Thank you all.  Because of your presence in my life I don’t feel like Job. Rather I feel like a win, a new jackpot as you smile, share your lives with me, and we move toward a better world together.
Life is Beautiful


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