Thursday, June 24

TGIF: Gratitude for Music

I had great and fun experience today! I finally got my iTunes working again after months of silence. It was like sitting down with old friends as I sampled many genres of tunes. Then I was able to get some new songs from a group that caught me while surfing YouTube. Check out Home Free, see if you like them too. The joy of listening to great music and learning new songs made my day. I am grateful.

"My baby's got champagne taste on a beer budget" --Home Free

The Ring of Fire
The Ring of Fire


  • I know just what you mean. My iTunes never stopped working, but I bought a new car with a high-end Bluetooth-equipped stereo system. I already had a 16-gig iPhone. 16 gig had been ‘way more than enough storage up to that point. But I started downloading music like crazy to play over Bluetooth, and soon ran out of storage. So when the iPhone 6 came out, I bought the 128-gig version so I could download even more. Now my new car is basically a very expensive set of Bluetooth stereo speakers on 4 wheels & on weekends I rent out my iPhone to NORAD to manage continental air defense. Ain’t high tech just great?

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