Monday, June 14

TGIF: Gratitude for Gratitude

Yesterday on Facebook I came across the questions "What is gratitude for you and is gratitude a feeling or a practice?" I haven't talked about why I do this for a while so here is another way for me to describe what I do each Friday here.
For me gratitude is a glimpse of the Holy. Not so much a feeling or a thought as an unveiling. I usually see through the mirror dimly but when in a state of gratitude I see clearly, if only for that instant. I participate in gratitude rather than receive or direct it. I struggle with PTSD and opening myself up to gratitude, especially for the so-called mundane, allows me to feel connected in peace and wholeness. Gratitude matters greatly to me. What is gratitude for you?

"Gratitude is truly being alive." --Anon
Greg Rakozy from
Greg Rakozy from