Monday, June 21

TGIF: Gratitude for FOO of another flavor

Today I was reading through old posts on a blog written by a friend of mine from high school.  We had lost touch over the years but recently connected again through social media.  In another part of my brain, I am still processing a whole year of "This is Your Life" in a course called Ministerial and Theological Integration.  This course spends an entire quarter digging up issues from your family of origin (or FOO).  It is amazing how much those early experiences with family affect people's adult perceptions!  So now I am wondering if there is a flavor of FOO that is Friends of Origin.  This particular friend of mine and I spent much of our high school years together, a challenging time of highs and lows and hormonal turmoil.  Though we have moved on to different pursuits on opposite corners of the country, I often remember those days of learning what freedom meant and how responsibility was tied to it.   That time was a full spectrum of emotions from horror to joy and back again.  Today I am grateful for him and for the others I gather into my FOO of a another flavor.

"The mind may forget, the body may give out, but the heart remains forever."  --Anonymous

Friends of Origin
Friends of Origin

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