Friday, June 18

TGIF: Gratitude for Critical Thinking

I am at the end of my college career. I graduate on Sunday and I don't anticipate ever returning to college for another degree. Of all the things I have learned in the great place of learning that college is this is what stands above all else. Critical thinking. I don't take things at face value anymore (at least most of the time). So I ask questions of everything especially the news.

Like Trump calls Clinton "crooked Hillary" or "heartless Hillary" but Trump is the one who has made more money evading taxes than some countries ever see. And Trump is the one who takes great pleasure in "YOU'RE FIRED!" The kinds of influence games he is playing don't add up to me.

Like what happens when all the outrage at Brock Turner, his father, and his judge has dried up? I can see the injustice in the sentence that the judge handed to Turner. But acts of rape like his are happening on campuses across the country every day. It's just that there are no Swedish bicyclists to witness them.

The news has always required a habit of critical thinking on the reader. Everything is subjective. There is no such thing as an objective report. I am so grateful that my time at Seattle University has honed my skill in critical thinking and increased my desire to use that skill in my everyday life!

https: // /7896404652 Jean-Rémy Duboc
https: // /7896404652 Jean-Rémy Duboc

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