Monday, June 14

TGIF: Gratitude for Completing my “To Hell and Back” Course

Wow was this hard! Of course, I knew taking a class about evil would be difficult but I am really grateful I took it. I have not had the opportunity before to study evil. It gave me a chance to ponder what I truly believe and how to integrate that into a world of plurality. It was unlike any other class I have taken before since the focus was on what is wrong with the world. It was refreshing to discuss these things among a diverse group with many different opinions without having anything get disrespectful. What a professional bunch of classmates! As much as I am grateful to have taken this course, I am even more grateful to be finished. I can only stare into the abyss of evil for so long. Now I have 4 weeks off of class. Vacation here I come!

"Faith might be understood as an ever-deepening sense of the long sorrow of the world together with a vision and enactment of the compassion of God for creation, a light always deeper than the darkness of evil." --Wendy Farley

These smiles make the struggle against evil, especially the evil of racism, worth it!

cc Daniel Arauz
cc Daniel Arauz

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