Wednesday, August 4

TGIF: Gratitude for Christmas Ritual

Christmas was always a big deal in my house growing up.  We had church and rituals and presents and a tree and stockings ... the whole works.  So when I went off on my own, I took those traditions with me and added a few of my own.  One of the rituals I added is to place under my tree my favorite Christmas boxes and tins that have contained presents in the past.  In a sense these boxes are empty but in a very real sense they are overflowing.  Each box represents someone in my life who has loved me and given me something out of that love.  In years, like this one, where my rituals and traditions are impeded for some reason, I sit by my tree at night and drink in the love those boxes still radiate.  I am grateful for each gift and even more so for each giver.

Merry Christmas to all who observe this holiday and a Wish for Peace to all of you!

Tree and Boxes


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