Saturday, July 24

TGIF: Gratitude for Art, Theology and Reconciliation

This week I have been in an intensive summer class.  Usually these one week for an entire quarter courses educate my brain and exhaust me completely.  However, this one has energized and inspired me!  It hasn't so much dumped information into my head as it has created an environment inside me conducive to creative thinking and exploration.  I find myself wanting to take some risks and discover more of my world and my God. For example, one exercise involved the entire class painting one piece without speaking to each other.  Seventeen people rotating colors and spaces for an hour and a half without opening our mouths!  I thought it would end up looking like an unintelligible mess.  I was so wrong!  The colors came together and the whole thing is an lovely, natural, coherent piece of art.  The instructors are artists who work with these kinds of exercises to promote reconciliation in the world. We have learned much about how to encourage peace through art and conversation. Check out their work! I am so grateful that my dear friend Cathy talked me into taking this course!  Here's a snippet from our textbook, The Moral Imagination:

"Participation does not mean control, but it does create the clear perception that voice counts and is accounted for." - John Paul Lederach

The art of prayer and a prayer of art!
The art of prayer and a prayer of art!


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