Wednesday, August 4

TGIF: Gratitude for ALS Awareness

It's been a deep month for me!  This week has been flowing abundantly with ALS Awareness through the Ice Bucket Challenge social media phenomenon.  As much as it breaks my heart to remember the struggle my father-in-law bravely succumbed to, it also feeds my soul to see so many people finally aware of the horror that is this disease.  Today I am grateful for Tom.  For his love for his family, for his dedication as a father, and for the beautiful lesson he taught me about how to die well.

There is so much else in the world this week.  The insanity in Ferguson, MO and the racism and classism that is not limited to that one town both weigh on my heart.  I am so glad for the experience of learning to be a force for good in the world (as much as I can be being a flawed and privileged human being)!  Tom taught his family that and I was lucky enough to be included in that number.

We try to be like Christ.  That's what we do with a world like this.  The rest is up to God.  That God loves us and this world is our greatest comfort.  --Tom Hendrick

Father and Son

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