Monday, June 14

TGIF: Gratitude for a Soft Heart

Love.  One of my classes this quarter has me digging up old photos, reading old yearbooks, and remembering relationships long gone.  I wonder what's happened to old friends and companions.  Do we get better at loving as we grow?  I hope so.  Without intending anyone harm, I've sure made mistakes in the realm of love along the way.  And people have come and gone in my life yet they never seem to really leave my heart.  What a paradox of a fragile yet resilient heart, too!  I used to hope that my heart would grow tougher so the losses wouldn't hurt as much.  I think now I just want it to grow bigger.  Big enough to contain not just the loves of yesterday and today, but all of tomorrow's loves too be they friends, pets, family, or other much loved souls.

If we haven't talked in a while, whether because of choice or death or just the vagaries of life,

know that I miss you and I still have room for you in this crazy, soft heart of mine.



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