Friday, June 18

TGIF: Gratitude for a Sabbatical

It's time. The big transition is here. And, of course, life is complicated because that's life. Yet I want to stop and listen for a while. I don't get to stop entirely for 30 days like the Jesuits do. Housework needs doing, repairs need repairing, business needs starting, dogs need training, and Mom's stuff needs shipping.

So I decided to take a sabbatical. Sabbatical is a period to rest and rejuvenate during a major cycle of life. For me this cycle is the end of school and the beginning of what is next. It is also about my age. I am 45 and I just lost my mother. I most likely have more years behind me than ahead. It's a different perspective on life. So from now until October 3rd I am going to slow down, indulge my ponderiness, and listen to the depths of the cosmos.

I don't know exactly what this sabbatical will look like. (I think that is kindof the nature of the thing... it's meant to be less planned.) I do know some things though. I will still be here each Friday. I am going to take some art classes, pay attention to my body's needs health-wise, make lists of things to do in the future (so I don't feel compelled to do them all right now), visit some new parks and museums, discover the new boundaries of my spiritual community, and play. I want to play more in my second half of life than I did in the first half. So I better start now. 🙂

"Continual spiritual growth facilitated by periods of rest and renewal is vital toward being an effective minister." -- Bullock and Bruesehoff

by Chrysty Hendrick
by Chrysty Hendrick

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