Thursday, June 24

TGIF: Gratitude for a Moment of Awareness

As I was going about my day today, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by all the responsibilities in my life.  I have all these dreams and desires for a listening ministry.  I want so much for these dreams to come true.  But then there is the everyday stuff of life: an acute sickness, chronic illness, aging parents, finances, and relationships to maintain.  All of the promises I have made to others piling up in my heart like little barbells around my freedom.  I have great intentions and limited resources.  What is going to have to give?  What ball am I going to drop?  Will I ever see my dream take flight?  Oh, and by the way, my Christmas tree is still decorated in my living room!  Yet, in a moment today it all seemed to make sense.  This everyday stuff IS life.  Life is messy and as much as I want to be the perfect wife, friend, daughter, and housekeeper, I want to treasure my life's moments even more.  Life is messy and it won't turn out exactly like I imagine anyway.  So I am going to embrace the mess and treasure my life for the jumble of chaos that it is.  (At least until I forget again. 🙂 )

Life is what happens while you are waiting for something important to happen.

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  • I get it if you wanted to be a perfect wife, friend and daughter, but perfect HOUSEKEEPER !!!!!!!! You lost me on that aspiration . . . I wait for high winds, open the windows and doors and let mother nature blow out the debris.
    I’ve had a chronic medical condition for two decades and have learned the hard way to step around most of my messes (when I have energy to step . . .)
    P.S. Perhaps you do have a listening ministry – it’s just may not be in the form you were envisioning.

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