Monday, June 21

TGIF: Grace in a Moment of Music

This week my gratitude centers on music.  I had the opportunity to go to an Indigo Girls/Seattle Symphony concert with a best friend.  It was amazing!  The familiar songs combined with the rich and full sounds of the symphony were just magic.  I had a particularly grace-filled moment during a stunning rendition of The Wood Song.  Sitting in my chair viewing the excitement of the conductor and the hearing the dulcet voices of the Amy and Emily, I was overcome with a feeling of peace and gratitude and love.  A moment I will treasure as the gift that it was.  May your life be blessed with music this week.

"Only the heart that we have for a tool we could use."  --Emily Saliers The Wood Song

Violin Solo


  • I agree with you about music approx 8273363527747 percent … at least. I bought a new car in late 2012, a 2013 Nissan Altima, with Bluetooth and IPod capability, so now, while driving, I stream music — mostly baroque, classical, and modern jazz — over the car’s stereo system from my iPhone. Driving becomes a concert on wheels, and I find I drive more slowly because I am in no hurry to get where I’m going & shut the music down. Bluetooth is great for traffic safety — as long as the music itself doesn’t distract me.

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