Tuesday, June 15

TGIF: For Home Tech Support

I love my computer.  I am old enough to remember what writing formal labs was like before computers. (Not fun!) And I am reasonably familiar with basic troubleshooting.  However, sometimes (perhaps many times) I need some help. I am grateful that the first person I can go to is my husband.  He knows much more than I do about how the systems work and, even if he doesn't know how to solve the problem, he knows where to look for a solution.  I realize I am in quite a lucky position this way.  My computer has been having difficulties recently and, between the two of us, we managed to come up with several things to try before tossing in the towel and getting a new one.  It takes time however.  Today is my last day of class for fall quarter so I am looking forward to having the time to dig into this issue soon.  One of the problems I am having is with my photos so there is no photograph today.  Hopefully by this time next week my in-home tech support person and I will have solved the problem and my photos will return.

"May your Advent (should you be following it) be filled with wonder, patience, and charity as you wait."

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