Saturday, July 24

TGIF for Help, Love, and Grace

It's been a challenging week. I fell chasing the puppy after midnight on Friday. My deck steps were slick from the pouring rain. I carefully stepped on the no-skid tread which proceeded to come unglued and slide off the step taking me with it. I bruised and scraped myself and then landed in dog poo all while wearing my pjs. If I had been Adam Sandler, it couldn't have been scripted any funnier. Of course my husband had just left for a business trip to Germany so I was alone at home and still had to go get the puppy out of the yard. All I could think though after I made it back into clean dry clothes was "I'm really grateful I didn't break my arm."

Wednesday, my fainting decided to act up while I was once again home alone with the dogs. I am incredibly grateful to my friends who rallied to support me. One stayed on the phone with me until another arrived to take me to the hospital and then a third came to take me home again. All of this help and love made me feel humble and grateful and well loved. I was so well cared for that the evening in the ER, which was almost as comically Adam Sandler as the fall, didn't upset me. I was given so much grace that it spilled out of me for all the staff who were so overwhelmed on the busiest night they'd had all year.

So when I realized I had locked my keys in my car at the vet the next day, I just sat down and chuckled. The vet assistant asked me what was funny. I said this isn't the worst thing that has happened to me this week, I can figure this out. Roadside assistance rescued me and I was on my way again thinking I am so grateful for the help this week. I hope I can be help for others having challenging weeks too when it is my turn. Such love and kindness makes the world so much more fun to live in.

Little Imp
Little Imp

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