Thursday, June 24

TGIF: Gratitudes Among Family and Friends

I confess. I worked from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday so when it was time to think about posting a gratitude post for Friday, my brain froze. So I reached out to my friends on Facebook! I'd like to share a few things that they are grateful for.

I am grateful for all of the awesome teachers in my kids' lives this quarter. Theater, Communications, Math, Sociology and Humanities. All kind and funny and inspiring and bringing big smiles to their faces. Aiken even came home saying he may even start liking Math again. These teachers are stretching their minds, improving their self esteem and making life in this home a lot more pleasant. Dorky, I know!

There's nothing like witnessing someone's decline and dying to make one grateful for the really basic things of life.  As my parents became ill and began to die, I watched them  slowly lose the ability to walk, breathe easily, get up and go the bathroom alone, be pain-free, drive, go to the grocery store for their own stuff, etc. I am grateful for all of these things every day.

I am grateful for my parents who raised me and my brothers with love and faith.  I say this as I watched my father die two years ago with a painfully failing body, and now my mother going into dementia.  I remember who they were with gratefulness and love.

I am grateful for the happiness my daughter brings to me. She is a shining star in all she does. I thank God daily for the joy I have from her.

My body- it is the vehicle of my experience, my vessel of the Holy Spirit. It has taken me to many amazing places, allowed me to taste and see and hear and touch and smell all the good things on God's earth. And in the last year (starting right about now, actually) it has harbored and nurtured a new child, much to my amazement and delight!

My trust in God. Three months ago. I was a victim of hate. Not words. But bodily. It hurt. Today. My trust in God. My faith in beautiful people. Next Wednesday I get all new teeth. A bomb blast did more damage to my mouth than I thought. It did some crazy stuff. So I'm covered. All I do is. Show up. Open up. And be beautiful after. And I am. Connie is getting a year of free diabetic supplies and any medication for one year. She is covered. All the way. My mom was dying from Cancer. Two days after I went into Bear Creek United Methodist Church. My moms cancer was cured. God is very much alive and doing okay. He does like coffee. But he really like a smile.
I am grateful for the gift of blessings from a God. Many may not understand. And okay. Bummer. Because I seem to have a pretty good time when he drives and I am just the passenger. But that's just me.

As much as my health can really wobble me around, I have to be thankful for the things that help me get around. The car (without which I would have maybe a 5 block radius), my crutches, Mack, and friends. I'm also grateful for technology. It helps me ration my energy, prioritize, and stay connected to people I care about.

I am grateful for the friends that come into my life to teach me about being present to the joy in their lives and provide a witness of loving kindness. In addition, I am super grateful for my support group for auto-immune disorders. What a fabulous wealth of information, support, and graciousness they are! Thank you all! My favorite flower is the all are my tulips!

Ephesians 1:16 I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.

What are you grateful for today?

magenta tulips
rooted in winter's cold soil
bring warmth

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