Thursday, June 24

TGIF: What are you grateful for?

What does it mean to be grateful? Gratitude is a stance of an open and welcoming heart. We must welcome things into our life before we can be grateful. I can not be grateful for the air I breathe if I have not taken the time to truly be with my breath. To follow it through my body, to realize all my breath accomplishes physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Gratitude opens me to see beyond the everyday usage  to a profound stance of co-creation with the mystery.

I say I am grateful for warm baked bread from my oven,  and in doing so I am honoring my work , the work of the farmer, miller, grocer, animals and earth to come together for this warm bread. Gratitude invites me to revel in the mystery of God. Invited to delve into deeper and deeper levels of knowing, because gratitude is a continual opening and discovery.

For what are you grateful? What is breaking your heart open? What word invites you deeper into the mystery?


My word for gratefulness in 2014 is ____________________.

We will be asking for a word every day focused on spiritual disciplines or practices. Then on January 1, 2014, we will ask for an overall theme word! You can share as you feel appropriate as we travel towards making 2014 a year of disciplined spiritual practices that transform the everyday in holy days.

If you feel so moved, leave your word for gratefulness in the comments.


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