Thursday, June 24

TGIF: I am Grateful For Being Present

Sometimes, everything feels like it is going awry. Well, for my body. I have two auto-immune disorders and it can cause me to get cranky with myself and with others as "I" do not live up to expectations I have for myself around energy expenditures and care-taking. I find, though, that if I can focus on what is in front of me, I can let go of my body irritation and see the beauty of the moment. So no matter how frustrated I have been this week, there are moments of gratitude to celebrate! But I have to be present to the moment in order to experience gratitude. I am going to list some celebrations and invite you to offer your own celebration of a moment.

I celebrate Kennedy for desiring to step into service.

I celebrate Lake Washington UMC for seeing beyond gender norms.

I celebrate Emily and Natasha for being the most awesome interns ever.

I celebrate the community of learners at Seattle University.

I celebrate Katie for being on a quest and sharing that with me.

I celebrate the Christ for showing a way to put the last, first.

I celebrate the Pacific Northwest and the beauty of creation.

What or who do you celebrate today?

Terri Stewart CC License (BY-NC)
Terri Stewart
CC License (BY-NC)

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