Saturday, June 19

TFIG: Gratitude for a New Puppy

So as I write this Watson, our new puppy, is sleeping soundly in his crate. He's been here for all of an hour and half and I haven't had a chance to get a picture yet. That feels weird to me. I want to record this moment, this beautiful moment of expansion. My heart and home has opened to a new baby and I feel both blessed and awed by the little life that has just been entrusted to me. I dont understand the necessity of death or grief but I accept that is part of process of living. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. It is so wonderful to feel the flip side of that this evening. I am totally amazed and stunned by the treasure that each life is. This baby is infinitely complicated and unique, his own little microcosm of the universe. And I get to be a part of discovering who he will be. I am blown away.

"Nothing invests life with more meaning than the realization that every moment of sentience is a precious gift." -- Steven Pinker

© 2015 Chrysty Hendrick
© 2015 Chrysty Hendrick

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