Wednesday, June 23

Testimony Tuesday! Preach!

I have been sick. I'm ready to stand up and yell and be happy again! Except then I will be in a paroxysm of coughing. So, the yelling in my typing is because I have the actual energy of a gnat. Also, I just discovered the drop cap setting. Is that too annoying? We'll see. Among other things, I have also figured out how to streamline this website and simplify it. So welcome to our new look. Do let me know if you find it too plain. I will then blame the web developers of the theme I chose, but what evs.

Anyway, preaching, super glad that I wasn't booked last week to preach. I wouldn't have been able to do it. But as I regained my health and did my art & haiku practice, I tried to watercolor paint an iris for the first time using a tutorial by @dearannart on Instagram. I wasn't thrilled with my first attempt but it is growing on me.

The Goddess Iris by Terri Stewart

I then wrote my haiku response:

Sol commands
Iris unfurls and stands
Messages from God

I was caught up in a Basho moment and went a step overboard, I think. Actually, it is a mash up between Basho and Greek mythology. I'll leave it to you to find the references within these few syllables.

But, what I really am aware of is that nature speaks to us if we would stop and listen. For the regular person, it is listening and appreciating the beauty of what is in front of us that causes us to want to preserve it in tension with appreciating the nurturing, food quality that much of the world brings to us. If we are out of balance, people starve. And that's not good. For the scientist, they listen in a different way and discern patterns and events that we all should listen to. Like climate change for example. And if you don't like climate change, consider climate care. I don't know of any religious belief that would be anti-climate care. The messages from nature, from scientists...all telling us that we are not doing our best.

Did you know that the ancient Greek word for messenger is "angelos"? Angel? (Think Los Angeles).

What message is the iris preaching to you?



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