Wednesday, August 4

Testimony Tuesday: Candles

Sometimes things just land in your lap and you say, "Thank you" and go with it! This is just such a day. We have a guest posting from Joan Leotta. Joan is an author and story performer. She arrived on my email doorstep this week and I am delighted to share her gifts.

As testimony Tuesday is dedicated to pointing towards the truth of things, I feel her gracious offering of Candles is in order. I am very grateful to her generosity! Thank you, Joan!

by Joan Leotta

que non se apaguen
tus ideas (amnesty international)

On my shirt, a
single candle
surrounded by barbed wire,
marks light's role
relieving a world of darkness.
In my heart,
ideas flicker, grow strong
as I live the admonition
of my shirt
to make real the words
of my ideals with my pen
and daily life performance.
Writing, living these
 bridges that vast canyon
prayer and practice, the
holy grace of candles
banishing the dark
and making life bearable on
an unholy earth.

Joan Leotta
Author, Story Performer
"Encouraging words through Pen and Performance"

Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice, Secrets of the Heart
historical fiction in Legacy of Honor Series
Simply a Smile - collection of Short Stories
WHOOSH! Picture book from THEAQ
You can download a mini-chapbook of her poems here.
Find out about more of her work here.

single candle burning and splotches of light reflecting
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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