Monday, June 14

Taking Off the Mask

Be-patient-toward-all-shortI finished the blog post I told you all about last week, and the blogger sent it back to me. I have some changes to make, and if it works out, the post will go live on Thursday. I'm still learning about this writing gig, and baring your soul for a blog audience is definitely not like sharing your soul in therapy. It's hard to spill your guts for an audience when you have no idea what they want to hear or who they are looking to find on the page. One of the things I've learned about myself is that I put my "spiritual" mask on before I sit down to blog here, and I'm trying to figure out whether that's necessary or not.

I need to tell you that sometimes I doubt the Church. Sometimes I don't understand how people who go to church can make some of the decisions they make and still call themselves Christians. Sometimes I get angry with God because my life isn't what I hoped it would be or what I think I was promised. Or at least what I wish I had been promised.

It's hard to deal with that, so I sometimes I fluctuate between trying to pretend to be super-Christian and not even acknowledging God in my life at all. But that hurts way too much. So I'm taking off the mask with you. This is me. Inspiration Sunday is me being me, being real with you. I think that's what community is all about.


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