Wednesday, April 21

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Mindful Monday: A place to stand

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Masao Abe, in despair: "I cannot find any place I can stand." Hisamatsu: "Stand right at that place where there is no place to stand." Maybe I'm spending too much time on the internet and getting a warped view of things, but it seems like people in our country are getting angrier, more fearful, and verbally more violent than at any time I can remember in my 55 years. It doesn't help the general aura when several of the GOP presidential candidates are leading bullying, xenophobic, 1%-type campaigns. The smell of potential political and social revolution, for better and worse, is in the air. The 14th anniversary of 9/11 just swept by with its attendant emotions of grief and stress. Just as tumult stalks the country, it also revs in my mind and body. Personally speaking, I'm at a point in l...
Mindful Monday: "You will never get your act together"

Mindful Monday: "You will never get your act together"

Buddhism, mindfulness, peace, Spirituality
It seems like somebody a lot more mindful than I am should be writing "Mindful Monday." I spent the weekend in a funk of anxiety, feeling trapped, inadequate, self-blaming, and ashamed. Couldn't pull myself out of it... until I read an excerpt from Karen Maezen Miller's book, Paradise in Plain Sight, that Miller posted on Facebook on Sunday evening: A good part of life’s distress is conjured out of anxious expectation, cruel judgment, painful rumination, or maudlin self-indulgence. Try letting go of all that. If you don’t do Zen the way you do everything else, how would it be? It would be real. What a relief to accept that you will never get your act together. Then it is no longer an act. You can begin to live as you really are. ...and then I woke up, remembered, and felt a whole lot be...