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Daily Practice 2017.08.14 – Meanwhile, in detention…

Daily Practice 2017.08.14 – Meanwhile, in detention…

Meditation Last night for church service in juvenile detention, I brought together a rag-tag group of folks. We were primarily Christian but quite a mix - United Methodist, Episcopalian, Roman Catholic. And there was one Brahma Kumaris among us. Brahma Kumaris is an Indian (from India) philosophy that focuses on peace through meditation. And, on top of this mix of folks, we used the Peacemaking Circle method to explore the scripture story. Peacemaking Circles come to us from the Tagish and Tlingit First Nation people of the Yukon territory. I learned it from Saroeum Phoung. So we had an interfaith service! And, on top of bringing this mixture of folks to see the kids in detention, I decided to borrow a lesson from Rev. Dr. Linda Smith of SKY Church of Renton, WA. In this lesson, she...


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For the Lenten Photo Invitation This is a photo of a burial of a dead crab found by a group of children. They carried the crab gently, offered bits of precious shells and rocks, buried it, and performed their own liturgy of love.

A Tale from Grandfather Shepherd

Here is the Christmas story from Grandfather Shepherd (as "told to" Terri Stewart): Hi! Nice to meet you! I am Erasmos. Most people just call me Grandfather Shepherd. That is because in my younger days, I was actually a shepherd just like King David used to be a shepherd. Too bad I didn’t become king like he did! I have an incredible story to tell you that happened one night when I was tending to the flocks with a few of the other shepherds. You know what shepherd’s do, right? A lot of people think we sit around doing nothing, but they are wrong! We protect the sheep, we guide the sheep from going into dangerous places, and we find the sheep when they are lost. Oh, and shepherds are with the sheep ALL. THE. TIME. That gets tiresome! We, me and the other shepherd boys, were with the sheep