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Daily Practice for August 23, 2016

Daily Practice for August 23, 2016

Word:  Today is my very last Lupron treatment! That pesky fibroid tumor shall now be shrunk enough that I can get by until menopause sinks in. Now, I know that it is not within the common dictates of society that women actually talk about problems with their uniquely female body parts, but there you have it. I am talking about it. I have had a BIG fibroid tumor in an awkward spot. The only solutions were a hysterectomy or try this treatment of Lupron along with an IUD that will transmit progesterone continuously to uterus. Like chemo-therapy light shrinking a non-cancerous tumor. Since I'm of a certain age, we think within seven years I will enter menopause naturally. When I do, the cut-off of estrogen will cut-off the natural growth of the fibroid since its "food" is estrogen. Shrinking...

the seeds of awakening

justice, poem
oh! simple the beginnings, the apple of amazement, the core of an idea, and out slips the memories, the injustices on which the child-mind puzzled, processing in adolescence, then big girl, grown woman, chasten the world, plant the seeds of awakening courage in slender frame, high thoughts in rounded forehead, the long expressive hands, the sweeping circumstances, Africa, Arabia, Europe, U.S., first the suffering and tears, then the work, work, work ~ courage in the face of tyranny, voices of the voiceless: the Justias! the Prudentias! of our modern day © 2016, poem and illustration, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved

Through the Alchemy of Our Darkest Nights

affirmation/s, inclusive, Joy, justice, life, peace, service, solidarity
For my sisters and all their children. Love, Jamie TODAY WE RISE "The world is missing what we have to offer, our wisdom, our sweetness, our love and our hunger for peace." ♥ Note: If you are viewing this from email, it is likely you will have to link through to the site to watch this short but charming film with an important message. Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day) THE NOVEMBER ISSUE OF THE BeZINE IS UP. THE THEME IS AT-RISK YOUTH, Terri Stewart leads Be sure to read her introductory remarks. The BeZine, 15 Nov. 2015, Vol. 2, Issue 1 (At-risk Youth)