Monday, July 6

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Thoughtful Thursday – Empire or Creation?

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This is a "reprint" of an article by Wes Howard Brook at ABC Australia/Religious Ethics. Wes Howard-Brook has been teaching and writing at the intersection of church, society and academy since 1988. Wes teaches theology and scripture at Seattle University and at churches and gatherings around the Pacific Northwest, the U.S., and now the world! For a beefed up biography and a list of his books, you can visit Amazon.  Reprinted with permission of the author. ... Empire or creation? Redeeming religion as a binding force Wes Howard-Brook What binds us together as a "people"? In our mobile, globalized world, it's harder than ever to say specifically what connects us as individuals to others. As my wife and I prepare for our five week visit to Australia, a number of our hosts tell us they are ...