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time for the temple whores to sleep with insanity

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originally published in The BeZine does it bloom, this horror, from my nonEuropean roots from the scent of cinnamon in my blood? the brown and yellow tinges of my skin? or is it just your old soul and mine and this intuition we share on the ground of one another’s battles, witness the fuming anger feeding disenchantment in the street and the acquisitive tendencies of the elite, cowardly saber-rattling, cut off from authority, from that innate expressively honest power of our erotic selves, our instinctive selves, the non-rational knowing that embodies strength, nothing weak or pornographic in its expression, a profound antithesis to the pornography of war and hate that, in the end, is about impotence, about the emboli of narrow minds, grasping oligarchs fomenting triba...
Mindful Monday: Ignorance is the enemy

Mindful Monday: Ignorance is the enemy

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Certainly, decisions about war and peace are made by people, people we could name-and blame-as culprits. I wonder, though, if we are not best served by naming ignorance as the enemy to be defeated, even as we act firmly to oppose what we see as wrongdoing in the world, what we recognize as causing pain. This would leave us without human enemies, with only confused people needing help. --Sylvia Boorstein What are you noticing about the impetus to condemn those who act in a detestable, even criminal manner? (This notion is a challenge for me in the wake of the Charlottesville riot and terrorist attack.) ... for Mindful Monday ... Source: "There Is No Blame," Lion's Roar, 1/26/16 issue Photo credit: "no enemy," Heidi De Vries, 2005. Curated by Donna Pierce

Waging the Peace, An Interfaith Exploration

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In December 2015 world events led to a spontaneous eleventh hour special section - Waging the Peace -  in The BeZine, which I edit. This seems a propitious moment to bring to the fore once again those ideas, ideals and experiences shared with us by Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, Rev. Ben Meyers, Father Daniel Sormani, C.S. Sp., Sophia Ali-Khan, Israeli-American poet Michael Dickel, and the Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi. Thanks to all of them and to Carla Prater, the assistant director of Buddhist Global Relief for their contributions to this collection and their assistance. I've included links to each of the features in table of contents for Waging the Peace that is below the following introductory remarks. Rabbi SteinBerg-Caudill (the Interfaith Rabbi) is a teacher who espouses a J...