Wednesday, August 12

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Welcome to Plantation Nation

Welcome to Plantation Nation

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Say what you will about the conservative Republican vision for the Nation, it at least has the salient virtue of pristine consistency. The problem is that what this vision is consistent with is an era over 150 years in the past. Since the subject is conservatism in the early 21st-century mode, this is not terribly surprising. We are 60 years past the time of, say, President Eisenhower when the phrase “forward-looking conservatism” was not the oxymoron that it has now become. Rather, what is surprising is that the earlier paradigm which conservative Republicans are apparently using to model their policy proposals is a paradigm that was long ago soundly discredited: the Confederate States of America. In at least three broad areas of public policy – health insurance reform, hostility to union...

Witness Wednesday – Where is Love?

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Two youth meet and hug-- a visible testimony to tender loving care. What can you be a visible witness to? What message does your heart beat? The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world. Paul Farmer Yesterday and today, the Supreme Court of the US has been issuing rulings on a variety of topics. Some responses require joy, some require lament. We cannot forget the lament. As Dr. Traci West, theologian, posted on Facebook: I just listened to one gay rights advocate standing in front of the Supreme Court jubilantly declare that clearly the Supreme Court stands for equality and justice for all United States citizens. "What? Didn't you hear anything about the Voting Rights decision yesterday?" I ridiculously yelled out in disgust to someone who could n...