Tuesday, March 9

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Thoughtful Thursday – Simmering

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"Not acting on our habitual patterns is only the first step toward not harming others or ourselves. The transformative process begins at a deeper level when we contact the rawness we’re left with whenever we refrain. As a way of working with our aggressive tendencies, Dzigar Kongtrül teaches the nonviolent practice of simmering. He says that rather than “boil in our aggression like a piece of meat cooking in a soup,” we simmer in it. We allow ourselves to wait, to sit patiently with the urge to act or speak in our usual ways and feel the full force of that urge without turning away or giving in. Neither repressing nor rejecting, we stay in the middle between the two extremes, in the middle between yes and no, right and wrong, true and false. This is the journey of developing a kindhearted ...

15 Propositions: The Bible and Homosexuality by Rev. Dr. James Howell

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15 propositions | The General Board of Church and Society. A thoughtful article.  My personal pet peeve is  under his point #12.  Just because I disagree does not mean that I don't know my Bible or that I don't know the scholarship around this issue.   15 propositions:  The Bible and Homosexuality By the Rev. Dr. James Howell Having heard much talk recently about the Bible and homosexuality — in our United Methodist General Conference, in my home state of North Carolina with its marriage amendment vote, and then President Obama’s statement affirming gay marriage — I have pulled together 15 propositions that might help us moving forward...