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Religious Community, Social Justice, Incarcerated Youth: An Interview with Terri Stewart

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My assigned topic here for Wednesdays is joy.  Sometimes I hit my assignment more obliquely than others. Today though, I submit that there are few things more joyful than connecting with others whose interests and values align with our own.  So with great joy, I offer you the opportunity to learn more about Terri Stewart, who founded this blog. I "met" Terri online in 2011 when I visited Beguine Again, which at that time was entitled Cloaked Monk. "Beguine" Again - after the Beguines, a lay semi-monastic Christian order of the 13th-16th centuries in Northern Europe. It was committed to - among other things - caring for the sick and the poor. I was impressed with Terri's commitment to spiritual ritual and her openness to the wisdom and beauty in religious traditions, including traditions ...

UNBUNTU ~ “I am because we are.”

Nadira Cotticollan (Dreaming through Twilight) from Kannur, India shared this with us on Facebook. I'm just in love with the idea of it. Wouldn't it be a joy if people the world over adopted this phrase and philosophy?  How civilized (and more practical) this value is than our Western individuality and winner-takes-all values. The Xhosa, by the way, are a Bantu people from South Africa.  Their name is pronounced with a clicking sound for the "X" followed by "hosa." This illustration may be copyrighted. I've been unable to find its origin. - Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day)
Inspired by Family

Inspired by Family

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Below is an offering from my son, Colin Jon david Stewart. It is named Stardust. It is an original creation of his. He is singing and ukelele-ing. Larry Bridges, his voice teacher, is on the piano. I have to say that I find both of my children to move me closer to Love. I am proud of who they are and who they are becoming. It is like watching a diamond being formed. Their values of love, connection, generosity and compassion stand against a world that values materialism, one-up-manship, and excess. Their counter-cultural lives inspire me and urge me to live into a life of justice, love, and nonviolence. Thank you, Kennedy & Colin!