Tuesday, September 29

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Theology Moment:  Non-Anxious Presence

Theology Moment: Non-Anxious Presence

I recently wrote a blog post titled, “Post-Modernism is Dead…Wait…What?“ In it I raised four points. We need to learn how to use technology within a theological context, We need to be evangelicals within this new context, We need to be a non-anxious presence in our communities, and We need to teach critical analysis of all things spiritual and religious. I recently followed up #2 here. This is a follow up to #3. In the 1960's, we started undergoing huge changes.  Many scholars consider that post-modernism started during this time...the late 1950's or early 1960's.   Post-modernism deconstructs the rules that run our lives and run our society (the concept of separate but equal).  It deconstructs groups (women act this way v. men act this way).  It started a sea tide of change in whic...

15 Propositions: The Bible and Homosexuality by Rev. Dr. James Howell

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15 propositions | The General Board of Church and Society. A thoughtful article.  My personal pet peeve is  under his point #12.  Just because I disagree does not mean that I don't know my Bible or that I don't know the scholarship around this issue.   15 propositions:  The Bible and Homosexuality By the Rev. Dr. James Howell Having heard much talk recently about the Bible and homosexuality — in our United Methodist General Conference, in my home state of North Carolina with its marriage amendment vote, and then President Obama’s statement affirming gay marriage — I have pulled together 15 propositions that might help us moving forward...