Saturday, April 17

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UNBUNTU ~ “I am because we are.”

Nadira Cotticollan (Dreaming through Twilight) from Kannur, India shared this with us on Facebook. I'm just in love with the idea of it. Wouldn't it be a joy if people the world over adopted this phrase and philosophy?  How civilized (and more practical) this value is than our Western individuality and winner-takes-all values. The Xhosa, by the way, are a Bantu people from South Africa.  Their name is pronounced with a clicking sound for the "X" followed by "hosa." This illustration may be copyrighted. I've been unable to find its origin. - Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day)
Inspiration Sunday: Walking the Sacred Path with President Nelson Mandela

Inspiration Sunday: Walking the Sacred Path with President Nelson Mandela

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This post is complementary to a post created at . I encourage you to read this and then read that post. At The Bardo Group, they have been walking with President Nelson Mandela this week. A few folks have created posts inspired by the life and work that has so inspired the world. And on this day where we honor that which Inspires, focusing on President Mandela seems good and right. President Mandela was a man who had an understanding of humanity called Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the belief that "I am because we are." The success of one person is intertwined with the success-or failure-of all. He could have stopped working when apartheid became a thing of the past in South Africa, but because his ultimate concern was beyond his own self, he continued working to chang...

Sabbath Saturday – Resting with Others

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What are you planning that will bring you rest? This weekend, I am spending it with Soulsisters that I have never met at a conference I have never been to doing workshops I have never experienced. We are all in it together! Newness, openness, loving-ness. (See Magpie Girls) Below is a picture of a keychain we were presented with (we got to choose). I chose this one, the crown chakra. It represents rebirth, connection with the divine, a connection with one another, and a connection with all the cosmos. By being with Soulsisters in a new way, I am receiving rest and rejuvenation. Strength for the journey. How will you be strengthened? Where can you slow down? Begin again? Who will you journey with? ... Do I not fill heaven and earth? It is Yahweh who speaks. Hebrew Scripture, Jeremiah 23:24...