Thursday, March 4

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A prayer from Walt Brueggemann

A prayer from Walt Brueggemann

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"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold." We are no strangers to the falling apart; We perpetrate against the center of our lives, and on some days it feels like an endless falling, like a deep threat, like rising water, like ruthless wind. But in the midst, you back in play, you rebuking and silencing and ordering, you creating restfulness in the very eye of the storm. our center: cause us not to lie about the danger, cause us not to resist your good order. Be our God. Be the God you promised, and we will be among those surely peaceable in your order. We pray in the name of the one through whom all things hold together. Amen.

Prayerful Tuesday: Praying with the Other

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Two pastors that I know are extraordinary. They both pastor homeless people. One lived as a homeless person for two weeks so he could understand what was going on. The other is homeless. She refuses to live in a home and sleeps on the streets every night of her life. She takes this so seriously that given the opportunity to sleep inside at a convocation, she made special arrangements to sleep in the doorstep-declining housing thousands of miles away from her people. She is the only one who would have known! And nobody would have judged her in error for sleeping inside at a conference she was attending. I am amazed at the depth of commitment they both have. In my context, that would be sleeping in a detention center. I am not sure I am prepared to be locked up in order to be one with the ...

Prayerful Tuesday

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A prayer in the Unitarian Universalist tradition by William G. Sinkford In the presence of these flowers, These representatives of Creation’s profound beauty: Diverse and Unique, but Related and Interdependent, These flowers which come to us as gifts from we know not where And which we, in turn, choose to bring to our shared and common altar As gifts to one another In their presence we turn our thoughts to the mystery beyond mysteries to the most sacred—which we never understand fully but which we are granted revelatory glimpses of in each of these flowers, in each of your faces, and through relationships with neighbors near and far May they remind us of grace we have known in days past: Forgiveness we have been granted, and provided. Love, unearned and shared. Recovery, begun and estab...