Saturday, June 19

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RESIST: SIGNS OF THE TIMES … thoughts and resources

peace and justice, Politics, Presidency
BRAVO! to the people, the church groups, the civic groups, the students and the schools, the poets, the musicians and the artists who bare witness to the times, the historians who remind us of our roots and their lessons, the lawyers who clarify the law and fight for justice, and journalists who investigate and speak out. Bravo! to the women who are the stewards of heart for all their joyousness, their spirited defiance and their hope and faith. Bravo! to the man at the Women's March on Washington who carried a sign saying, "I think it's time that white men stopped talking and started listening." THIS WEEKEND I was proud that in the midst of fear and contention the majority of protesters were peaceful and respectful. OFF THE CUFF/STRAY THOUGHT Perhaps it would be wise to replace ...