Thursday, May 13

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Testimony Tuesday! Preach!

Testimony Tuesday! Preach!

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I have been sick. I'm ready to stand up and yell and be happy again! Except then I will be in a paroxysm of coughing. So, the yelling in my typing is because I have the actual energy of a gnat. Also, I just discovered the drop cap setting. Is that too annoying? We'll see. Among other things, I have also figured out how to streamline this website and simplify it. So welcome to our new look. Do let me know if you find it too plain. I will then blame the web developers of the theme I chose, but what evs. Anyway, preaching, super glad that I wasn't booked last week to preach. I wouldn't have been able to do it. But as I regained my health and did my art & haiku practice, I tried to watercolor paint an iris for the first time using a tutorial by @dearannart on Instagram. I wasn't thr...
Tuesday’s Temptation:  Not Being Curious

Tuesday’s Temptation: Not Being Curious

I waffled about what today's post is:  Not Being Curious or Forgetting. It is about how we approach history. Do we forget the unpleasant bits? Or are humans not curious enough to ask questions raising up the unpleasant bits? Maybe both. But for today, I'll go with not being curious. I just got back from Grenada. It is beautiful there. I had no idea what to expect. I have only been to the Caribbean once about 30 years ago when I literally won a trip in a drawing to go to the Cayman Islands. I chose Grenada because we were recommended to go to an all-inclusive resort for a change--we normally camp and do lots of work on vacations. The suggestion was to take it easy, I believe. Also, my hubs was tired of doing so much work during our camping vacations. For once, a little pampering was in o...
Daily Practice for June 10, 2016

Daily Practice for June 10, 2016

Word: There are days where the news sucks my breath away. That happened yesterday when the news came out of the Yazidi girls, burned alive for refusing to become sex slaves. I don't even have words for this horrifying event. Horrible doesn't seem strong enough.  What can I do for them when I am so far away? There is a website/organization,, that has information. I had no idea that Yazidi was a religion. Things to learn about every day. Wikipedia describes it: The Yazidis are monotheists, believing in God as creator of the world, which he has placed under the care of seven holy beings or angels, the chief of whom is Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel. The Peacock Angel, as world-ruler, causes both good and bad to befall individuals, and this ambivalent character is reflected in my...