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Clobbering Biblical Passages: Thoughtful Thursday Guest Post from Mark Sandlin

Clobbering Biblical Passages: Thoughtful Thursday Guest Post from Mark Sandlin

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Originally published at The God Article. Republished here with permission! Remember, Thursdays are for thinking about things from a potentially new point of view! Clobbering Biblical Gay Bashing by Mark Sandlin This is a bit long for a blog post, but some may find it to be a helpful resource. I wrote the piece for another project and it just wasn't a good fit. Honestly, if you are well read on the issue of the Bible and its take on homosexuality (or lack thereof), there is little new in here. For you, I hope this can be a quick reference. If you are not well read on such things, this may be a bit of a bumpy ride, but bumpy rides can be a lot of fun. Either way, I hope I was able to take what is sometimes thick reading, albeit important reading, and make it at least bearable and mostly

Thoughtful Thursday: This I Believe

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One of the most difficult things that humans do is make meaning from their current situation. In seminary, we were asked to do any assignment called, "This I Believe." I still treasure the product of that assignment and will share it below. If you're curious about the origins of belief in Christian Biblical literature, there is a brief summary here. Regardless, here are a few questions to ponder and be thoughtful about - What is belief? How is belief lived out in your life? Does belief evolve over time? If belief evolves over time, what does that mean? Could your belief be your particular window into the world? Or is your belief everyone's window into the world? windows as i look behind i see a path of aged stone worn away at the edges cementing to its neighbor existing since the a


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rivers of refuse carry destroyed homes and waste oceans degraded memories of Fukushima brought to me by mother earth's thoughts Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 6 – February 6th – Theme or Word: Think Form: Haiku & Pi-Ku