Thursday, June 24

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Mindful Monday: Dark Though It Is

Buddhism, death, mindfulness, Spirituality
I posted this poem (see below) by W.S. Merwin a month ago, but it keeps drawing me back, so I'm posting it again for another look. At first glance, the poet makes what seems an absurd assumption: that we are or should be ever-thankful for the myriad ways we suffer. Say what? Thank you for pain, horror, disease, loneliness, and humiliation? The gall! The guy must be cruel or crazy. If we peer through a Buddhist lens, however, perhaps the poem means that it is to our benefit to say thank you to whatever pain comes because, used well, it keeps us keenly aware of the sorry fact that each one of us will suffer and die, and in so knowing, we cannot help but be compassionate to ourselves and others. We say thank you, not despite the fact that we will suffer and die but because of it. Give thanks...

March 13: Helping

Poetry, Post-a-Day
 Today, I persuaded my daughter, *Melinda Penn*, to write the offering on helping.  Her blog is here.  She'd love a visit if you feel so moved! No reply was in order      as dusk slid over to dawn And eventually the world spun again      and we always say nothing We supposedly follow the answers      in a kind, respectful way Taking and letting out      voices in the rain; few say:                                                  Thank you. . . (c) *Melinda Penn* From Haiti: Samaritan's Purse International Relief.  Maybe, we don't hear the thank you.March 13th is “Good Samaritan Day.”  Reflect on helping. Please add your link in the comments or paste your submission into the comments.  Be a good neighbor and visit and comment on other folk’s works!  Please tag your work “MarchC...

Thank You Jingle!

  Thank you Jingle Haiku Thank you to Jingle For creating poet's home With warm, spacious rooms.        ~Terri And thank you for the "Perfect Poet Award" for Poet's Rally, Week #35.  For Ghost Town. I'd like to nominate (and tell every teen to read) Heather Grace Stewart's "Words".