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Guardians of the Threshold (Writer’s Fourth Wednesday)

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Guardian of the Threshold the wall extends into the misty mountains where signal-keepers watch warily as the madoffs steadily advance ready for a frontal assault stealing the liminal and marketing it seduction causes a wall to crumble as the sweet music of comfort calls singing a hymn of joy to the world the guardian rushes to defend the child tempted by the sparkle and luminosity of the siren song roaring with anger striking at tables topped with filth the guardian casts a sacred net stopping the advance for today Poem: © 2009, Terri Stewart Photo credit: © Christine Valters Paintner, www.AbbeyoftheArts.com For Writer's Fourth Wednesday prompt at www.IntoTheBardo.wordpress.com Allusions: Bernie Madoff and all of that And: (Matthew 21:12-13) And Jesus entered the temple and drove ou

The Boy Jesus in the Temple Through the Eyes of James

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I have started a series of dramatic readings for Christmas intended to be acted/dramatically read to children.  We are using them during Advent/Christmas/After Advent Ordinary Time  for our God’z Kidz Wednesday night group (Godly Play).  I thought having a dress-up box for the kids to play with fits right in with the Godly Play philosophy.  So, that’s what we’re doing!  I am also writing a little story book for the kids to take home and read the story in a more traditional manner.  This is the last script in the series.  We are starting on "Jesus was Jewish:  The Celebrations of Judaism" next!  If you use these stories, please understand that they are my creative work and I’d like to be credited. Here is the young James' story: Hi! How are you doing today? I have to tell you…I am TIRED OU