Monday, April 12

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the spiritual teachers

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out of the threads of your sacred languages out of the spare sculpture of your homely wisdom we formed clubs and built ironclad canon we spawned conspiracies of hate - now we are goose barnacles clinging to the rotting flotsam of old boats, we are weighted with the dust of fear and the mold of suspicion though we bluster and grandstand our way through time, the original purity of your intentions is still rooted in Eternity, your guileless simplicity is stronger than the dogs of war, it is the calm light at the center of our frenzied dark it is the grace of rain following drought, the rivers of compassion that flow as tears sometimes we hear your spirits whispering in the mindful pleasure of our morning tea in the rhythmic stirring of a pot of oatmeal or in a fresh dawning after a tide has ...

Mrs. Peoples

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second grade seems so long ago there were so many things i didn't know but you took the time to teach to me gifts of life and creativity. i remember crosswords for halloween tissue creations with glue and beans handwriting lessons learning to print math lessons without giving a hint. but remembered more than anything is the beautiful smile that you would bring teaching your students to read and write you enhanced our gifts with your light. Mrs. Peoples: for National Poetry Month and the Writing Prompt of Poetic Asides (remember someone) and NaPoWriMo.


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debris lays scattered walked on, stepped on, discarded unimportant trash Daily Haiku #19 Word Challenge:  Debris The Haiku Challenge I am revolted by what is happening in Wisconsin right now.  The state had a budget surplus, frittered it away by giving additional tax breaks to large businesses, and is now attempting to balance the budget on the backs of teachers.  The ultimate victim?  The children. American education is on the decline because we are not properly funding it.  The sense of entitlement is outrageous.  The desire to have a “world class” educational system without paying for it is insane!  We will not compete globally unless we can produce people who can think.  This will not be done by creating an educational system that focuses on passing tests rather than on critical t...